Basic Software Setup
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Accessing Software Setup

When you first Sign In to Cargo, you’ll be prompted to complete Software Setup. If you've already completed Software Setup but would like to connect to a new software, go to your Account Settings and select "Add New Software" within the Software Settings section.

Select your 3D Software

When you launch Software Setup, Cargo will first search for available 3D software on your computer. This process may take up to a minute before a drop-down menu becomes available.

Within the drop-down menus, you can select the 3D software you would like to set up, as well as the available versions. Once you've selected your software, click "Install Plugin".

*Note: If your software is greyed out in the drop-down menu or if your version does not appear, you'll need to use Advanced Setup.

Select Your Project (Unreal Only)

If you are using Unreal Engine, the Cargo Plugin will need to be installed on a per-project basis. You can either select an existing project or create a new project.

Once a project is selected, click "Continue" to install the Cargo plugin.

*You can always set up a new project from your Software Settings page.

Installing the Plugin

Cargo will automatically download the latest version of the selected plugins and install them to the necessary folders for your 3D Software. This may take up to 2 minutes.

When the installation is complete, you’ll be automatically taken to the next step.

*Note: You will need to close your 3D software before plugin installation can be done.

Activate Plugin

Once the plugin is installed, you’ll need to open your 3D Software and activate the plugin. Follow the on-screen instructions and click “Next”.

If you need more information about the plugins, you can see our guides on:

Connection Test

The last step of Software Setup is to test the connection between Cargo and your 3D Software.

Click “Import” and check to make sure the castle appears in your 3D Software. The castle should appear at the origin of your scene (0,0,0 location).

Software Setup Complete

After the castle has successfully loaded into your 3D software, the Software Setup process is complete. Cargo will set your newly connected software as the default option. There's no need to redownload any assets—everything can now be imported directly into your new software!

Software Setup Error Messages

If you do run into any error messages during software setup, check out our Troubleshooting Guides.

Here are some common errors that may occur:

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