Connecting Cargo to Unreal
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Initial Setup

To set up, first, follow the Basic Software Setup guide. Make sure you're using a supported software version before attempting software setup. Check out our supported 3D software versions here.

You can view a step-by-step video of connecting Cargo to Unreal HERE.

Cargo will ask you what version of Unreal you want to install the plugin for.
You’ll need to close Unreal and the Epic Games Launcher before continuing.

After you have selected your version of Unreal, Cargo will install all necessary files to your computer and prompt you to activate your plugin within Unreal.

When you see the window below, please move over to Unreal to enable the Cargo plugin:

  1. From the main menu in Unreal, go to Edit > Plugins.
    This opens the Plugins window.

  2. Find the Cargo plugin using the list on the left of the screen. Alternatively, enter Cargo in the Search box to search for all plugin names and descriptions that contain this term.

  3. To enable a plugin, click the checkbox next to it.

  4. Save your work, then restart Unreal Engine.

Step 1 of 3

Step 2 of 3

Step 3 of 3

Please note the location of the Cargo plugin in the toolbar.

You can activate/deactivate the project plugin by clicking the Cargo icon in your toolbar.

And that’s it! Unreal is now connected to Cargo, and you can Download/Import assets directly to your scene.

⚠️ Cargo does not support versions of Unreal installed using source.

Unreal Troubleshooting

Cargo plugin install can't find Unreal

Try advanced setup and help Cargo locate your UnrealEditor.exe

If the Cargo Plugin does not show up in Unreal

If the Cargo Plugin does not show up in your toolbar, ensure that the plugin is enabled.

You can access the Plugins settings in Unreal by accessing these menu actions:

Edit > Plugins > KitBash3D

Connecting Cargo to a different Project

If you would like to change which project Cargo is connected to, you can disconnect Cargo from the currently connected project and connect it to a new one.

Please ensure at any given time that only one project is connected, otherwise Cargo may not correctly send models and materials into the right project.

Unreal Not Detected by Cargo

If Unreal is still not detected by Cargo, run “Verify” on your installs of Unreal in the Epic Games launcher. Once complete, connect Cargo to Unreal using the steps above. That should resolve the issue.

Delete previously installed, project-based plugins

By deleting old Cargo plugins, it ensures that future updates to the Unreal plugin are successful and Cargo can connect to the correct version of Unreal.

To delete the previously installed Cargo Project-based plugins, you'll navigate to where your Unreal Projects are located.

Inside each folder, there will be a "Plugins" folder.

Once you navigate into the "Plugins" folder, you'll see the "Cargo" folder for our project-based plugin.

You'll want to then delete the folder. By doing so you'll clear the plugin from that project, and this will ensure that our Engine-wide plugin will work well and be properly updated.

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