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Account Settings
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Accessing Account Settings

You can access your Account Settings by clicking on “My Account” on the bottom of the left navigation menu.

Within Account Settings, you can use the tabs on the top right to navigate between:

  • Profile: This is where you can change or add 3D Software, Texture Size, and Download location

  • Billing: This is where you can find your renewal date, update the payment method, change your plan and cancel your next renewal

  • Plans: This is where you can upgrade or downgrade your Cargo Plan

  • Teams: This is where you can access all Team Features

  • Support: This will open the Help Center in a browser

  • Sign Out: This is where you can Sign Out

How to manage your Email Preferences

You can change your Email Preferences by clicking Update your preferences at the bottom of any email.

You can customize this to receive only the emails you want. Each of these email types is sent on different cadences and with different types of information.

Here’s what each option is:

  • Product Update Emails: These emails are sent bi-monthly and include information about features and updates to the Cargo App itself. This includes any new Kits or Assets that have been added to your Cargo account.

  • KitBash3D News and Promo Emails: These emails are sent ad hoc when we release new Kits, Products, Challenges, Tutorials, Making of Videos, or anything else that we think you’ll enjoy!

  • KitBash3D Weekly Newsletter: These emails are send every week and include a round up of news around KitBash3D and the industry at large. They also include artist spotlights, project breakdowns, and job opportunities.

How to change your Password

You can change your Password from Account Settings → Profile within the User Details Section. Click on the “Change Password” button.

In the “Change password” window, enter your current password, your new password, and confirm your new password. Then click “Save”.

Password Requirements

  • 8 or more characters

  • Includes at least 1 capital letter

  • Includes at least 1 number or symbol

  • Does not include common words. Examples: Password, ABC123, NewLogin, etc

How to change your software settings

You can change your software Settings from Account Page → Profile.

From here you can use the drop-down menus for 3D Software and 3D Software Version to change which software Cargo will import assets to.

These menus will only display 3D Software that has been set up in Cargo using Basic Software Setup or Advanced Software Setup. You can set up a new software by clicking the Add New Software Button in the User Software Settings section.

How to change your default texture size

You can change your default texture size from Account Page → Profile.

From here you can use the drop-down menus for Default texture size to change what resolution and file format will be set when opening an asset in the inspector. You can override this texture setting on a per-asset basis, but this default format will always show up first on an un-downloaded asset.

How to change your downloads folder

In order to use assets from Cargo, you’ll need to download all the 3D files and texture maps to your computer. This can take up quite a bit of space, so we recommend downloading to a drive that has at least 100 GB of free space.

By default, Cargo will download all files to %APPDATA%\kitbash3d. You can change this at anytime by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to your account page (from the left navigation menu)

  2. Under Software Settings, click the entry field labeled “Download Folder Location”

  3. Navigate to the folder you’d like to set as the download folder and click select.

  4. Choose whether you’d like to move all existing files to the new location, or leave them where they are.

    1. If you leave them where they are, you will need to redownload any assets from Cargo before using them.

    2. If you move your files to the new location, you may break texture links for existing projects.

Now you're ready to keep creating! You’ve selected a new download folder and all future downloads and imports from Cargo will be linked to this folder location.


If copying files errors out, you may be stuck unable to download assets. If this occurs, navigate to %APPDATA%\kitbash3d and delete the file named cargo_v1.sqlite

How to change your Plan

To upgrade to Cargo Pro, open the Cargo App and navigate to Account Settings → Plans. Select Upgrade Plan, then use the toggle to choose a Monthly or Yearly subscription and complete checkout.

To change your Monthly Cargo Pro plan to a Yearly subscription, please reach out to our support team by sending an email to from your Cargo account email address.

For more details on changing your plan, check out our guide to Upgrade / Downgrade Your Plan.

How to delete your account

Not available at launch.

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