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When you sign up for Cargo, you'll automatically be enrolled in the free Cargo Basic Plan. You can upgrade at any time from the Plans page in your Account Settings.

For a brief overview of the plans, see below.

To learn more details, visit

Cargo Basic (Free)

  • Access all Kits you have purchased from and a limited selection of free assets

  • New Kits purchased from are automatically unlocked in Cargo

  • Ideal for users who want to use Cargo for free with their existing Kits or try it out with a selection of free assets

Cargo Pro

  • Unlimited access to the entire KitBash library, including every Kit, model, and material, with 1-click integration to your 3D software

  • Immediate access to the entire KitBash library, new Kits released monthly, and Cargo Exclusives

  • Priced at $65/mo for an annual subscription (billed yearly) or $119/mo for a monthly subscription (cancel anytime)

  • Perfect for users seeking unlimited access to over 10,000 assets, including monthly new Kits at an affordable price

Cargo Teams

  • Teams of any size must use Cargo Teams—greater than 2 people.

    If you're a single freelancer with a 1-person studio you can use Cargo Pro.

  • Unlimited access to the entire KitBash library for your team

  • Advanced user management features, including a single billing owner, account administrators and the ability to add new team members to Cargo easily

  • Priced at $55/mo per user for an annual subscription or $99/mo per user for a monthly subscription; Teams plans are available in groups of 5 seats at a time (add or remove seats as needed)

  • Ideal for teams wanting unlimited access to the KitBash library and streamlined team account management

To learn more about Cargo Teams, get in touch with our Studio Success Team at:

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