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Billing Cycles
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When will I be billed for Cargo / Cargo Teams?

  • Your billing cycle is based on the day you signed up for the plan and the length of the plan.
    For example: If you signed up for a Cargo Monthly Plan on February 2nd, your plan would renew on March 2nd.

  • We will always email you before we charge your credit card.

  • You can cancel your plan at any time from the Account > Billing page within Cargo.

What happens if my payment doesn’t go through?

  • If your Cargo payment fails, you will be immediately downgraded to Cargo Basic.

  • If you’re a Cargo Teams subscriber and your payment fails, all members of your team will be locked out of Cargo except for the account owner. Team members will be given the option to leave the team if they want to resume using Cargo with a Basic or Pro plan.

Can I change my plan between monthly and yearly billing?

  • Yes, you can change your plan commitment to a monthly or annual plan any time from the Billing page within Account Settings.

Switching from Monthly to Annual

  • When you switch your Cargo Pro or Teams subscription from a monthly to an annual plan, your payment method will be charged immediately for the new plan total minus the amount remaining in the current cycle.

  • This will switch your billing cycle to the date you changed your plan.

Switching from Annual to Monthly

  • When you switch your Cargo or Teams subscription from an annual to a monthly plan, your new subscription plan will take effect at the start of the next billing cycle.

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