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Cancel Your Cargo Plan
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You can cancel your Cargo plan at any time from within the Cargo app.

Cargo subscriptions cannot be managed from
Log into Cargo to view and manage your subscription.

How to Cancel My Cargo Plan

Go to Cargo > Account > Billing > Cancel Plan

When you cancel your Cargo plan, you will be automatically downgraded to the free Cargo Basic plan at the start of your next billing cycle.

Things to Consider When Canceling

  • Your work created, during your subscription using Cargo Personal or Cargo Pro, will remain intact.

  • You will no longer have access to download and import assets available with Cargo Personal and Cargo Pro.

  • With Cargo Personal, you will no longer accumulate unlocked assets from month to month. Your accumulated assets will be reset if you resubscribe to Cargo Personal in the future.

  • You will still have full access in Cargo to free assets and to individual Kits purchased from

  • Kits purchased separately from are always available to download from your account or manage for free in Cargo Basic.

For detailed instructions on what to expect when upgrading or downgrading your plan, refer to our Upgrade/Downgrade Plan guide.

If you prefer to delete your account entirely, email our Support Team at

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