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Browse All Kits

Explore the entire KitBash3D Library by selecting the “Kits” button on the Left Navigation menu.

Adjust the size of posters on the Kit's page using the thumbnail slider located at the bottom right of your screen.

Search and Filter Kits

Search for Kits by name using the search bar at the top right corner.

Filter Kits by Genre or Access:

  • Genre refers to the style or inspiration of the Kit (e.g., Cyberpunk is classified in the “Sci-Fi” genre).

  • Access indicates which Kits you have access to, allowing you to filter through Free Kits, Owned Kits, or Cargo Exclusive Kits.

Owned Kits

Kits purchased from will display an “Owned” tag on the poster. These Kits have all Models and Materials available for downloading and importing into your 3D software.

New Kit(s) purchased on will automatically be unlocked in Cargo.

Cargo Exclusives

Cargo Exclusive Kits are available to Cargo Personal, Professional and Cargo Teams subscribers and cannot be purchased on

They are marked with the “Cargo Exclusive” tag on the Poster.

Browsing Models and Materials within a Kit

Click on a Kit Poster to view the Models and Materials inside. Toggle between Models and Materials using the tab buttons on the top right of your screen.

Search for specific models or materials within a Kit using the Search bar at the top right.

  • Note: The search will only return results within this Kit. To search through the entire library, visit the Models or Materials page.

After entering a search term, the number of results will appear underneath the Search Bar. Reset your search by clicking “Reset” on the top right of the screen.

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