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Do you offer free assets?
Do you offer free assets?

Download our free Kit and give it a test drive

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We do offer free assets!

Download Cargo for free to access a large selection of free KitBash3D assets. This includes our full Mission to Minerva world Kit.

Use the access filter in Cargo to easily find all the free assets you have to choose from.

Asset Licensing

Free Cargo assets can be used in various personal or commercial projects, including:

  • Film / TV

  • Video Games

  • Commercials / Advertisements

  • Architectural Visualization

  • Interactive Experiences

  • NFTs

You can deliver final images or videos featuring KitBash3D assets but may not distribute 3D scenes with available or editable assets.

Usage restrictions:

  • NOT for training data or connection with machine learning (ML) or artificial intelligence (AI).

  • NOT for platforms where assets are distributed as purchasable or modifiable.

  • NOT for distribution that allows unlicensed or unauthorized access to Cargo assets.

For more information, review our EULA and License agreements. Contact for use case inquiries.

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