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How do I get started with 3D and KitBash3D?
How do I get started with 3D and KitBash3D?

A quick start guide to getting started with KitBash3D

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If you’re new to 3D, you’ve come to the right place. We have free Kits and free education to get you started on your 3D adventure!

You can download Mission to Minerva and Neo City directly from

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  • Download the Kit by clicking on it's image

Getting Started

The first thing you’ll need to do is choose a class (or really, choose which 3D software you want to use). We recommend starting with either Blender or Unreal (both are free).

What's the Difference Between Blender and Unreal?


Blender is a traditional 3D software, which means it’s versatile for so many different 3D projects, whether it’s filmmaking, animation, creating concept art or fine art, or even creating your own 3D assets. Blender is also free to download from

Blender is compatible with Cargo, our fully loaded asset manager that you can use to search and filter any KitBash3D asset and drop into your scene in seconds with 1-Click import. Keep in mind that Cargo only supports versions of Blender downloaded from and does not support versions downloaded via Steam or the Microsoft Store.

Unreal 5

Unreal Engine is a game engine, meaning that it’s a software that was designed to create video games. While you will not have some of the more advanced 3D functionality that Blender has, it is a better tool if you’re interested in doing interactive projects, video games, or interested in virtual production. Unreal 5 is free to download as well.

Unreal is also compatible with Cargo.

Keep in mind that Cargo only supports versions of unreal downloaded from the Epic Games Launcher. Cargo does not support versions of Unreal downloaded from source code.

Beginner Tutorials in Blender & Unreal

Once you’ve chosen your software, download the Mission to Minerva Kits for free.

After you’ve downloaded your 3D software and the Mission to Minerva Kit, watch our introduction classes for a step-by-step walkthrough of everything you need to create your first 3D image or game.

Blender Tutorial

Unreal Tutorial

Technical Requirements

We’re always looking ahead to evolve our Kits and the work we produce to align with technology trends. We make an effort to always build assets that are premium quality that will meet the needs and expectations of any film or game studio in the industry.

To get the best performance using KitBash3D Kits, you'll want to use the following minimum technical recommendations:

  • CPU: 6 Core Processor

  • GPU: 8gb of VRAM

  • RAM: 32gb

  • Disk Space: 15gb per Kit

Also, if you're not using Blender or Unreal, our Kits work in a a number of other software. View the full list of software we support here.

Online 3D Education

If you’re looking to learn how to use Blender or Unreal, check out these amazing online schools that have beginner, intermediate and advanced classes:

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