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Why do I need a KitBash3D Account? How do I create one?
Why do I need a KitBash3D Account? How do I create one?

Follow these easy steps to create your KitBash3D account and start building endless worlds.

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In order to purchase your first Kit, you'll need to create a KitBash3D account.

Once you have a KitBsh3D account, you'll be able to easily access and mange all your Kits and order information. When you get a Kit from KitBash3D, it's yours forever!

That means, with your KitBash3D account, you can...

  • Download your Kits for any supported 3D software, as many times as you'd like

  • Access free Kit updates

How to Create a KitBash3D Account

To create your own KitBash3D account, follow the steps below:

  1. Click the Sign In button on the top right of From there, click Sign Up in either location.

  2. Fill out your information and click Create Account.

    Password Requirements

    • 8 or more characters

    • Includes at least 1 capital letter

    • Includes at least 1 number or symbol

    • Does not include common words. Examples: Password, ABC123, NewLogin, etc

  3. Check your email for a verification code.
    Email from:
    Subject: Cargo Verification Code

    If you do not see one appear within 2 minutes, search all filtered inbox folders and use the search field within your inbox.

    In Gmail, these emails tend to show up in your Promotions folder.

    Codes expire after 30 minutes from the time requested.

    Enter the code from the email into the Verify Email page and click confirm.

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