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Kits 5.0 Release Notes
Kits 5.0 Release Notes
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All KitBash3D Kits are now available in our fully-loaded asset manager, Cargo. This means real-time updates, immediate access to new Kits, and a lightning-fast workflow. Click here to learn more about Cargo.

We're super excited to release Kits 5.0! 🎉

Learn about all our latest updates and additions in the release notes below.

File Format Updates

NEW: New File Format Options Now Supported with All Kits

All of our active Kits available to download from now support the following file formats:

  • Maya + Arnold

  • 3DsMax + Arnold

  • C4D + Redshift

NEW: Kits No Longer Supporting "Native" Renderer in Maya & 3Ds Max

Now that we’re supporting the Arnold renderer in Maya and 3Ds Max, we’ve removed the “Native" render option from our download options.

NEW: Added 2k and 4k Texture Resolution Download Options

To keep up with the increasing size of our Kits needed to maintain their high level of detail and quality, you can now choose from multiple texture resolution and file download options.

Texture Resolution Options

3Ds Max | Blender | Cinema 4D | FBX + OBJ | Houdini | Maya | Unity


2k PNG

4k PNG

No separate downloads for

assets + textures are required.

Kits for Unreal are delivered as one project.

We have 1k, 2k and 4k uasset texture sizes delivered in three packages—1k, 2k, and 4k. Each package contains all assets and the textures of a specific resolution as part of an Unreal project.

File Download Options

  • Files and Textures (Standard Download)

  • Files Only

  • Textures Only

Be sure to allow multiple downloads in your browser when downloading Files and Textures together. These will come in two separate zip files to improve download speed.

IMPROVED: Simplified Kit Files for Unity

We’ve updated our Unity Kit files to make them easier for you to use with existing projects. Our Unity files now only include the Kit content without any additional metadata, config files, or additional folders.

For assistance, check out this walk-through of how to open a Kit in Unity.

DCC Updates

3Ds Max

FIXED: Removed Unused Sub-Materials for 3Ds Max Files

Previous files used extra materials that are no longer needed, so we removed them.


FIXED: Default Specular Changed for Blender Materials

Addressed an issue that was causing the specularity value in Blender Native to be incorrectly set to 1. Blender Native specularity has now been set to 0.5 by default.


NEW: Added Default Texture Compression for C4D Files

Introduced new texture compression options for Cinema 4D Octane to reduce VRAM usage and improve performance. This update requires texture compression to be calculated by the CPU prior to GPU rendering, which may result in a longer waiting period before GPU rendering will begin but overall shorter rendering times.

FIXED: Default Color Space Changed to "Raw" for C4D Materials

Previously, the default color space in C4D materials was set to “auto” which caused materials to show up incorrectly. The color space in C4D is now set to “Raw” which enables materials to show up correctly.


FIXED: Resolved a Texture Linking Issue in FBX/OBJ

Users expressed trouble properly linking textures with FBX/OBJ files. This texture-linking issue is now fixed and will no longer be a problem.


IMPROVED: Changed the Unreal File Delivery and Reintroduced UProject Files

Textures, materials, meshes, and actors are all now included in a single zip file. You can now open Unreal Kits by double clicking on the included *.uproject file.

IMPROVED: Updated Unreal Master Materials

All materials now have the following capabilities:

  • UV tiling parameters that allow the user to adjust how often textures repeat across the surface

  • UV offset parameters that allow the user to adjust the position of textures across the surface in the horizontal and vertical directions

  • An added parameter to flip the green channel for normal maps. Now you can use your own normal maps with our materials without needing to alter them in a photo editing software.

In addition, glass objects have been totally redone from scratch with a new and improved material. This will allow users to easily control IOR, Fresnel, tinting, and add dirt masks to their glass objects.

Masked/Billboard objects are now handled through a special material. This will reduce haloing and improve performance on scenes with lots of masked objects (for instance trees with leaves)

Decals/Transparent objects are now handled through a special material. Objects that use this material (graffiti, force fields) will render with soft edges and correct alpha blending.

FIXED: Updated the Behavior of Auto-Generated LODs in Unreal

This update fixes a bug that was causing auto-generated LODs in Unreal to switch materials incorrectly. Proper textures will now be retained as the object gets further from the camera.

Maya + 3DS Max

IMPROVED: Update to the Default Color Space of Redshift File Formats for Maya + 3Ds Max

Previously, Redshift materials had the wrong color-space set for non-diffuse textures. This caused materials to render with the wrong degree of roughness/metalness. This is now fixed.

*NOTE: Legacy Kits that are no longer available for sale on will not receive the 5.0 or future updates; however, those who have purchased legacy Kits will still be able to download and use the original files.

Have suggestions for our next update? Let us know! Drop a post on our Feedback Center to help us plan what’s next on our roadmap.

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