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What comes with a Kit?
What comes with a Kit?

Each Kit comes with exactly what you need to build your world

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Every Kit is built in-house by our talented team of concept artists, modelers, texture artists, graphic designers, and DCC specialists.

Layout scenes (example below) are included with all file formats except Unreal & Unity. Demo scenes are not included with Kits or available to download.

Neo San Francisco

A Kit typically includes 10 large structures, 10 medium structures, 10 small structures, and 50-100 props and components. A Kit also includes between 30-60 materials.

*Note: Depending on the genre, theme and scale of a Kits, these numbers may vary, such as the Secret Lab Kit containing 50+ small structures. The goal for each Kit is to provide all the pieces an artist would need to make a cohesive world.

Every Model and Material in each Kit is available in Cargo, our fully-loaded asset browser built to manage all your KitBash3D assets in one place.

Are your Kits Modular?

Each structure is built modularly and can be customized to create unique assets from. We also build all models with clean geometry for easy modifications to be made.

Do your Kits come with interiors built out?

Generally speaking, our world kits are meant for exterior shots, which is why all Kits at the moment are hallowed and single-sided to keep the poly count down. Interiors are available in Cargo with a Cargo Pro subscription. Learn more about what you can unlock with Cargo Pro.

How are Materials built and delivered?

Materials are built with a PBR workflow and include texture maps for Base Color, Roughness, Metalness, Opacity, Emission, Normal Maps, and Height Maps.

*Note: For Unity and Unreal, we also provide MADS and ARM maps.

The Kits come with a 3D file and a folder with all texture maps. You can redownload Kits for any 3D format you want at any time from your account page.

For the best experience, manage your Kit in Cargo. With Cargo, you can easily search, filter, and find any KitBash3D model or material. And with its 1-Click Import, you can seamlessly integrate them into your 3D software in seconds.

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