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What are the tech specs of your Kits? PolyCount? PBR Materials? Real-Time?
What are the tech specs of your Kits? PolyCount? PBR Materials? Real-Time?

A breakdown of the technical details that make up our Kits.

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If you're looking for an overview of what comes in a Kit, check out our article, What comes in a Kit? For more technical details, we got you covered right here!


5-20 million polys per Kits.

This means an average structure is around 50k-100k polys. You may be asking “Why so many polys?” or “Why so few polys?”, and that’s exactly where we want to be. We build for a mid-high polycount to be able to have realism and high levels of detail, but optimized enough to run in game engines.


Quads. (Occasionally triangles when its necessary for the design of a structure but we keep it to a minimum) and absolutely no N-Gons.

We build our models cleanly and use our polycount efficiently. We want to make sure that experienced 3D artists are able to take our assets and customize them with ease, whether that means reducing the polycount for VR/AR/Mobile, or uprezzing an asset for an extreme foreground shot in live action visual effects.


Tileable + PBR.

We use the industry standard material workflow, but also want to make sure our materials work in every Render Engine and give a consistent look. This means we use texture driven materials only.

We also want to make sure artists are able to use our materials on any assets, which is why we create all of our materials to be tileable and at a consistent texel density.

All of our materials come with the following texture maps:

  • Base Color

  • Roughness

  • Metalness

  • Normal Map

  • Height Map

Some materials may also include:

  • Opacity Map

  • Emissive Map

For Unity and Unreal files, we also include:

  • ARM Map

  • MADS Map


4k. 2k. Png. Jpeg.

Really it’s your choice.

We have several download options on our website so that you can choose the texture maps that best suit your needs.

*Note: unreal files have options for either 2k uassets or 4k uassets.

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