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How do I know what License I need?
How do I know what License I need?

A simplified breakdown of each license to meet your project needs

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We do our best to make licensing easy. Read the breakdown of each license below to see which one applies to you and your project needs.

Individual License

If you’re buying a Kit for only you to use, and you’re not part of a studio or team that will be using the Kit, you can use an individual license.

Types of work covered with an Individual License:

Small Studio License

For studios, our license tiers are based on the total number of 3D artists, including both employees and independent contractors, at your studio, not how many artists are working on any particular project or pitch.

If your operation grows, ask us about upgrading your license.

Do I still need a Studio License if only one person is using the models?

Because our licenses are in perpetuity, and a studio can use Kits for multiple projects, our licenses are based on the number of employees at the studio, not the number of artists using a Kit for a particular project.

If you need additional support with a Studio License, you can contact our Studio Success Team using the chat box in the bottom left.

Enterprise License

If there are more than 25 artists employed at your studio, you’ll need an enterprise license.

To get pricing and support for enterprise licenses, just fill out the form below and someone from our studio success team will reach out to you.

Don't see the answer to your question? Get in touch with our Support Team by starting a chat using the messenger in the bottom left.

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