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Fix Material Assignment for Foliage in Unreal
Fix Material Assignment for Foliage in Unreal
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Written by Elaine Deveney
Updated over a week ago

If you import foliage assets that do not look correct, it’s likely because it’s not using an opacity mask. This is easily fixable.

First, find the asset in the content browser. All assets brought in from Cargo will be in the following directory Content->Cargo->Geometry

From here, open the asset in the static mesh editor. We can see the material that is assigned to the object.

In the material editor, change the parent material from M_KB3D_Master_Standard to M_KB3D_Master_Masked. This will give options to include an opacity mask to the material

Ensure that the opacity texture slot is filled with the appropriate texture. It should match the naming convention of the other textures but with an _Opacity at the end.

Your foliage should now appear correctly!

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