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Cargo Teams Quick Start Admin Guide
Cargo Teams Quick Start Admin Guide

This article provides the steps needed to manage your Cargo Teams account

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Admin Account Activation

As the newly assigned Admin in Cargo Teams, it's crucial to activate your account to start managing your team and accessing the KitBash3D Library.

Step-by-Step Guide to activate your Admin account

  1. Check Your Email: Look for the invitation email from Cargo Teams. It contains important information for activating your account.

  2. Download Cargo: Use the link provided in the email to download the Cargo application.

  3. Log In: Open Cargo and log in using your email address. You'll find a temporary password in the invitation email.

  4. Reset Your Password: Upon logging in, you'll be prompted to reset your password. Choose a new, secure password.

  5. Admin Access: After resetting your password, you'll be automatically added as the Admin for your team.

Account Settings

To start, sign in to Cargo. You will see a navigation bar along the left side of the application.

All Admin options are found under Account.

Roles and Permissions


The Admin is the highest authority in Cargo Teams. There can only be one Admin at a time. When a new Admin is promoted, the previous Admin is automatically demoted to a Manager role within Cargo.

The Admin has the following permissions:

  • Add and remove users: Can add or remove any Manager or Member.

  • Control user roles: Has the authority to assign or change roles of users.

  • Manage plan: Can add seats to the plan or cancel the plan.

  • Full Cargo access: All users in Cargo Teams plans have unlimited access to our library of assets.


The Manager role is designed for delegation, allowing Admins to distribute certain tasks. Unlike the Admin role, you can have multiple Managers.

Managers have the following permissions:

  • Member management: Can add new Members, remove Members and promote existing Members to Managers.

  • Full Cargo access: All users in Cargo Teams plans have unlimited access to our library of assets.

  • Restrictions: Managers do not have the authority to remove other Managers or the Admin.


The Member is the standard role for general users. Members are focused on using the assets in Cargo.

Members have the following permissions:

  • Full Cargo Access: All users in Cargo Teams plans have unlimited access to our library of assets.

  • Personal Settings: Able to manage their own user settings.

Add Users to your Cargo Teams account

To add users to your license, select Team from the Account Settings menu at the top.

Select Invite Member to activate in invitation popup.

Within the Invite Members modal, enter the email addresses of the users you would like to invite. Cargo will send an invitation to each user.

Change a User's Permissions

The Cargo Team page displays a complete table of your account's users by name, email address, last active date and their current role within Cargo Teams.

To change a user role:

Click on the current role of the user you'd like to change and then select the new role from the dropdown menu.

See Cargo Teams Roles for permissions and restrictions of each Role.

The user permissions will automatically update within Cargo Teams.

⚠️ Promoting a user to Admin will remove you from the Admin role

Remove a User

Cargo utilizes a floating seat license, meaning you can remove and add new members as often as you need to as long as you do not exceed your seat limit.

To remove a member:

  1. Navigate to Account and then select Team from the top menu

  2. Locate their user record

  3. Click Remove, located to the right of Last Active date

⚠️ There must always be an Admin in Cargo.

To remove an Admin, you must first promote a new one.

Then, remove the previous Admin once they have been demoted in Cargo if that user no longer needs Cargo Teams access.

Technical Help

Some Studios and Organizations have more technical deployments of Cargo and will need additional technical information.

Below are links to helpful guides:

General Asset Help

Need help with assets on Cargo? Review informative and troubleshooting articles in our Cargo Help Center.

Questions about your Cargo Teams account?

Please reach out to our Studio Success Team at

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