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Troubleshooting Network Security and Firewalls
Troubleshooting Network Security and Firewalls
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Depending on your VPN, network settings or internal security systems, Cargo may run into connection issues. As a result, you may experience any of the following issues:

Download Error Message

  • Unable to successfully set up your software

  • Error Message: There was an error with the download. Please try again later.

  • Appears in Step 2 of the software setup process

Unresponsive Cargo Sign-in Page

  • Unable to successfully sign into Cargo, but can successfully sign into

  • The sign-in button in Cargo is grayed out and appears to be unresponsive or frozen

  • Unable to successfully reset password in Cargo—the Save button is grayed out and unresponsive.

  • No error messages pop up when attempting to sign in.

If you experience an error message preventing you from signing in, check out our Sign In/Sign Up Troubleshooting Guide.

How to Troubleshoot

In order to resolve these, you’ll need to whitelist Cargo related domains and executables. The process to do so is heavily dependent on the security system you’re using.

Your IT Admin should be able to configure your system with the following information:

Restart Cargo

We've seen users resolve this issue simply by stepping away from Cargo for a few minutes or hours, restarting Cargo and trying again.

Restart Cargo and try again to see if the issue resolves itself. If the issue persists, continue troubleshooting with the following steps.

Turn off Your VPN

If you're using a work VPN, try turning it off to resolve the issue you're experiencing.

Whitelist Cargo-Related Domains

To make sure Cargo works on your network, you’ll need to whitelist Cargo domains within your internal network security systems.

Whitelist Cargo Executables and DLLs:

If you’re having issues from an anti-virus software or unauthorized installation privileges, you’ll need to whitelist the following executables:

  1. Cargo by KitBash3D.exe

  2. KB3DCore.exe

  3. CargoDownloadApp.exe

  4. CargoPlatformServices.Managed.dll

Silent Deployment

For silent deployment, use the following command (case sensitive):

kitbash-cargo-app-<version>-setup.exe /S

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