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System Requirements for Cargo
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Cargo is a desktop-based application only available on Windows computers.
Additionally, the following system requirements apply:

  • PC running Windows Operating System 10 or later

  • Minimum internet connection speed is 20mb/s

  • Minimum 15 GB free disk space per Kit

  • CPU: 6 Core Processor

  • GPU: 8gb of VRAM

  • RAM: 32gb

  • Monitor Resolution: 1920x1080

The above system requirements are the minimum to get Cargo up and running with some great assets to start building your world.

However, as scenes are created and more assets are imported, your machine capabilities may become a limiting factor to the ambitions of the project. That is why we offer multiple download options for texture sizes and resolutions and indicate the size of each asset before download and importing.

It is always best practice to understand the tools and methods to optimize your scene in order to get the most out of your chosen software and projects.

To see the full list of 3D software and render engines supported in Cargo, check out the following resource: Supported 3D Software / Render Engines

Cargo for Mac

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