With our 4.0 Update we changed the game with improved quality standards and native file formats for Unreal, Unity, and Houdini!

◼ Kits 4.0 ‘Game Engine Ready’ Update (8.11.2020) ◼

  • All 4.0 kits now have clean, non-overlapping UVs

  • Additional Channel 2 UVs for lightmaps

  • All 4.0 Kits are broken up by Logical Parts, to create an easier workflow for customizing kits

  • PBR materials: introducing Metal/Roughness workflow

  • Textures now have relative texture paths and no longer require users to re-path

  • Naming and grouping of all kits have been standardized

  • Pivot points from every piece have been standardized

  • Clean geometry (we’ve removed ngons, coplanar faces, etc.)

  • Native files for Unreal, Unity, and Houdini

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