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Deleting Unreal project-based Cargo Plugin
Deleting Unreal project-based Cargo Plugin
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Before you continue, please ensure that you've already installed the new Plugin.

You can find instructions on how to do that here

Why delete the old plugins?

As part of the new Engine-Wide Unreal Cargo Plugin release, it will be required to remove previously installed project-based plugins from Cargo version 1.1.4 or earlier.

Removing all of the previously installed project-based Cargo plugins is the most straight forward option that also complies with privacy regulations, otherwise, we'd do it for you.

By deleting old Cargo plugins, it ensures that future updates to the Unreal plugin are successful.

How to delete the plugins

To delete the previously installed Cargo Project-based plugins, you'll navigate to where your Unreal Projects are located. Inside each folder, there will be a "Plugins" folder.

Once you navigate into the "Plugins" folder, you'll see the "Cargo" folder for our project-based plugin.

You'll want to then delete the folder. By doing so you'll clear the plugin from that project, and this will ensure that our new Engine-wide plugin will work well and be properly updated.

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