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Account Sharing and Consequences
Account Sharing and Consequences
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Account sharing is strictly prohibited. You are not allowed to share your account or any assets downloaded through Cargo with another person unless you are part of the same Cargo Team organization (refer to Team Features).

Key points to remember:

  • Asset Ownership: All assets downloaded from Cargo are tied to your account. Unauthorized access to Cargo assets from another account will lead to suspension for both accounts (see Suspended Accounts).

  • Single Device Access: Users can only log in to Cargo from one computer at a time. Logging in to a second computer will automatically log out the first computer. Excessive login attempts from multiple locations may result in account suspension.

  • Suspended Accounts: Accounts in breach of the Terms of Service will lose access to all previously purchased Kits and may be blocked from future purchases.

  • Reactivation: If your account has been suspended, you can contact to discuss reactivation options with a member of our team.

Please be aware of these rules to avoid account suspension and potential loss of access to previously purchased assets.

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