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What happens to the Kits I’ve purchased from

All Kits that you’ve purchased are now available inside of Cargo. You can use the individual models and materials within those Kits, with 1-Click integrations into your 3D software for free with Cargo Basic.

Any Kits you purchase in the future will automatically be unlocked in Cargo. To learn how to access these Kits in Cargo check out Owned Kits in the Browse Kits guide.

If you prefer to download the full Kit, you can still do that on

What happens when I buy a new Kit from

If you have a Cargo account created, when you buy a new Kit from , your new Kit will automatically be transferred to your Cargo Account.

Within Cargo, you’ll see an Owned banner on your new Kit as well as every model and material from that Kit will now be unlocked for you to Download and Import.

You can also still access the entire Kit file separately from your KitBash3D account.

💡Make sure you’re Signed Up for Cargo using the same email as your KitBash3D account.

How do I transfer my Kits to Cargo?

As long as the email address linked to your Cargo account is the same as your KitBash3D account, any Kit you’ve purchased will automatically transfer to Cargo.

If the email addresses are not the same, you can change your Cargo Email Address in the Account Settings.

Can I access retired Kits I own in Cargo?

Short answer: No. You cannot access legacy Kits you own in Cargo that have been retired from Cargo has technical requirements for all the assets contained within it, and retired Kits have not been updated to work within this software.

Any retired Kits you do own will still be available for you to download from your KitBash3D account.

Kits Not Available in Cargo

The following Kits are currently not available in Cargo:

  • Mini Kt: Neo City

  • Otoy Special Edition Kits

Neo City

Neo City is a sample Kit composed of assets from Neo Tokyo, Neo Shanghai, and Cyber Streets. Although there is no Neo City Kit available on the Kits page in Cargo, all of the assets from this Kit are unlocked and always free within Cargo.

*Please note that the Neo City assets are only available within Cargo and are no longer downloadable from

Type “Neo City” into the search bar in Cargo to pull up all the Neo City Kit assets.

Otoy Special Edition Kits

The Otoy Special Edition Kits are complimentary for Octane Subscribers as part of a special promotion from Otoy. This promotion is limited to the software formats that are supported by Otoy.

If you'd like to access other software versions, you will need to purchase the Kit from or subscribe to Cargo Pro for access to every KitBash3D asset to use with several supported software options.

Can I access Kits available from for free in Cargo?

Yes. All free Kits available from are unlocked and free to use in Cargo. This includes Mission to Minerva and *Neo City.

* There is no Neo City Kit available on the Kits page in Cargo, however, all of the assets are unlocked and free within Cargo. Type “Neo City” into the search bar in Cargo to pull up the assets.

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