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Browse All Models

You can browse through every Model in the KitBash3D library by using the “Models” button on the Left Navigation menu.

You can adjust the size of the Model Thumbnails on the Model’s page by using the thumbnail slider on the bottom right of your screen:

Search and Filter Models

You can Search Models by using the search bar at the top right.

You can also filter through Models using several different options:

  • Genre refers to the style or inspiration of the Kit that the model is from. For example, Cyberpunk is classified as the “Sci-Fi” genre.

  • Kits allows you to only filter assets from one or more Kits you select.

  • Object Type allows you to filter assets by the type of object they are, like Buildings, Furniture, Vehicles, etc.

  • Object Size allows you to filter assets by their height (in meters). If you’re looking for small props you can select less than 1m, or if you’re looking for skyscrapers, you can select greater than 50m.

  • Access allows you to filter assets by their availability, such as Free, Owned, or Downloaded assets.

If you select multiple options within the same filter (such as Sci-Fi and Fantasy in Genres), Cargo will show all assets marked as Sci-Fi AND all assets marked as Fantasy.

If you select multiple filters, Cargo will only show assets that meet both criteria. For example, selecting the “Fantasy” Genre, and the “Furniture” Object Type, Cargo will show only show assets that are tagged as both Fantasy and Furniture, like a throne.

Once you’ve added a search term or selected a filter, you can see the number of results at the top right of the screen. You can clear your filters and search terms by clicking “Reset”:

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