The Blender Asset Browser is a new feature that came with Blender’s 3.0 release. Our Kits were processed in Blender 2.93, which may require a little extra tinkering to fully utilize our 3D models with Blender’s newer features—so, to make it easier for you to use our Kits with the Asset Browser, our expert Blender Ambassador wrote a script to make this process quick and painless.

What is the Blender Asset Browser

If you’re newer to Blender, the Asset Browser is a tool that allows you to organize and manage your assets, making it easier to access premade 3D models, materials, and any other world-building assets needed for your project.

It’s similar to the File Browser built into Blender, but shows the assets contained in the selected catalog that can be organized into ready-to-go collections. It’s a great tool for Kitbashing in 3D!

Blender Asset Browser: KitBash3D Collection Maker Script

One of our expert Blender Ambassadors wrote the script linked below for all you Blender creators to efficiently move empty objects into collections for easy importing into Blender’s Asset Library.

Does KitBash3D have an Asset Browser?

We’re currently working on an asset browser of our very own, so keep an eye on our Roadmap for Status updates. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know about future releases and updates!

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