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Blender: Rendering with Textures Crashes Blender
Blender: Rendering with Textures Crashes Blender

Limit the maximum resolution for pictures used in textured display to save memory.

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This could be a sign that your computer needs more VRAM.

You can either upgrade or try the workaround below to limit the size of textures. If you plan on upgrading please check out our article regarding the recommended graphics card for our kits.

Limit the size of viewport textures in the preferences
(GL Texture Limit)

  1. Open Blender. Go to Edit → Preferences

  2. Click the Viewport tab

  3. Expand menu for Textures → Limit Size, select your desired limit size. We recommend starting at 1024 or 512.

The limit options are specified in a square of pixels (e.g.: the option 256 means a texture of 256×256 pixels).
Changing this setting will automatically limit the texture size, reducing the VRAM requirement for our kits and assets.

With any 3D software, optimization of the render settings and viewport display is the starting point to prevent your software from crashing.

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