With the release of our 4.0 kits, we have switched over to a PBR texture workflow. Any kit you download will come with PBR texture maps, and shaders setup and ready to go! ( You can find which render engines we support here. )

Our kits currently come with the following maps, all in 4k PNGs:

  • Base Color

  • Height

  • Metallic

  • Normal

  • Roughness

Depending on the shader, some may also include:

  • Opacity

  • Emissive

We have also added an ARM texture for Unreal files to make Unreal Shaders more efficient.

By default, we have left height maps disabled from the 3D scenes in order to improve load times. If you'd like to use height maps for Displacement, you'll have to import them separately into your shader to setup Displacement within your current render engine.

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