If you don’t see your 3D software on our list, it means we currently do not deliver native files for that software. That said, you may still be able to use our Kits if your software can open FBX or OBJ Files.

Depending on your 3D software, you may have to do quite a bit of manual work to get the Kits setup such as rebuilding materials, but you will have all the geometry and texture maps to work with.

If you’d like to see if we’re working on native support for your 3D software, or suggest a software to support, let us know on our Feedback Center.

Can I Manually Convert your Kits?

We really appreciate everyone who has reached out to say they’re willing to manually convert all of our Kits for a given software or render engine, but we actually cannot consider this. Beyond the fact that it would mean manually converting over 10,000 assets and 2,000 materials (which no one should ever do manually), we put out new Kits every month, and want to ensure our pipeline is built in a way where we can continue to do that. Calling someone to manually convert a Kits every other week wouldn’t be fun for anyone. This is just a testament to how amazing this community of creators is! Thank you!

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