At KitBash3D, we set out to enable and inspire artists around the globe to build their worlds. To do this, we're building the universe, one asset at a time.

We're looking for experienced and talented people, with a passion for contributing to the art community. You won't just be helping to create assets for a single project, you'll be contributing to hundreds of projects while working with the best designers in the world.

General Information:

  • While we're based in Los Angeles, we accept remote team members for most positions. Location does not matter to us, what matters is integrity and a sense of excellence.

  • You'll have flexible work hours. You'll be making your own schedule, but required to hit milestones and deadlines.

  • You'll have a lot of room for creativity, but will be required to hit the quality level we pride ourselves on.

Current Openings:

Check our hiring portal for more information about current openings and how to apply.

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