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End User License Agreement Restrictions
End User License Agreement Restrictions

What you can't do with KitBash3D assets

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Our End User License Agreement (EULA) allows for properly licensed creators to use our Kits to create and share digital art, film, games, and much much more. We strive to make licensing easy so you can use KitBash3D assets stress-free.

With that said, there are a few restrictions laid out in our EULA that you should be aware of. You may not use KitBash3D Kits or assets to:

  • Re-distribute, resell, lease, rent, or otherwise share the Kit or the assets;

  • Teach AI how to perform creative tasks or create new digital assets. This includes using generative AI, neural networks, deep learning algorithms, or any other kind of machine learning.

  • Create new digital assets for public use, sale, or distribution or in any way that may compete with our company or products.

Additional restrictions and definitions are detailed in Section 3 of the EULA.

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