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Neo San Francisco Kit: How to Optimize Your Kit File with our New Foliage Upgrade
Neo San Francisco Kit: How to Optimize Your Kit File with our New Foliage Upgrade

Tips on how to customize your Kit files to meet your project and setup needs.

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With the latest Neo San Francisco Kit, we increased the amount of foliage included to ensure each building has what it needs to be used ‘as-is’ without the need for additional set dressing.

We know that foliage can be an expensive asset when it comes to adding geometry to a scene, so we’ve provided some examples on how to quickly remove the foliage if it’s not required for your scene.

How to Remove Foliage

To remove foliage assets and reduce the overall file size of the Neo San Francisco Kit, use the filter to search for ‘foliage’ within the scene and delete each foliage asset.

This will not remove the foliage that is placed in the callout section of the kit. Filtering and removing foliage assets will allow you to either use your own foliage or redistribute what is provided in the callout section as either reference objects, instances, or other memory saving techniques like proxies.

Examples of How to Filter Foliage Assets


Filtering foliage assets in Blender

3DS Max

Filtering foliage assets in 3DS Max


Filtering foliage assets in C4D


Filtering foliage assets in Maya

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