We’ve made several big improvements to the way our Kits are produced and packaged. These updates were informed by feedback we received from you, the KitBash community!

Updates are complete for the following Kits:


  • Manhattan

Over the next few months, we will work to bring these quality of life improvements to the rest of the existing KitBash3D library. To that end, we would love to hear if these changes have hit the mark. Let us know what you think:

See What's New:

Unreal Engine: Update to Behavior of Auto-Generated LODs

With this update, we addressed a bug that was causing auto-generated LODs in Unreal to switch materials incorrectly. Proper textures will now be retained as the object gets further from the camera.

3ds max + Arnold: Image Texture Node Bug for Neo NYC

Addressed a bug in 3ds Max Arnold that was causing the Image Texture Node to be connected to the base rather than the base_color slot. The Image Texture node will now be connected to the base_color slot for 3ds Max Arnold.

Blender + Native: Default Specularity Correction

Addressed an issue that was causing the specularity value in Blender Native to be incorrectly set to 1. Blender Native specularity has now been set to 0.5 by default.

C4D + Redshift: Default Color Space Correction

Addressed a bug that was causing the color space in C4D Redshift to be set to Auto for textures that should have been set to Raw. The color space for those textures is now set to Raw.

C4D + Octane: Texture Compression for Improved VRAM Performance

Introduced new texture compression options for Cinema 4D Octane to reduce VRAM usage and improve performance. This update requires texture compression to be calculated by the CPU prior to GPU rendering, which may result in a longer waiting period before GPU rendering will begin but overall shorter rendering times.

As shown in the example screenshot below, the compression location for each texture has been changed to an appropriate compression method for the texture type.

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