April 29, 2022 Update:

We have made several improvements to how we deliver Kits to you through the KitBash3D website. These updates were informed by feedback we received from you, the KitBash community!

These improvements have been implemented for the Neo NYC, DMZ, and Manhattan Kits. Over the next few months, we will work to bring these quality of life improvements to the rest of the KitBash3D library. To that end, we would love to hear if these changes have hit the mark. Let us know what you think:

New Download Options

As our Kit Production team continues to raise the bar on the size, level of detail, and quality of our Kits, we’re excited to introduce some new features to make it easier for our users to download our biggest kits. Starting with the Neo NYC, DMZ, and Manhattan kits, users will be able to choose from several texture resolution options as well as download 3D files and textures separately.

Be sure to allow multiple downloads in your browser when downloading Files and Textures together. These will come in two separate zip files to improve download speed.

Texture Resolution Options:

For 3ds Max, Blender, Cinema 4D, FBX + OBJ, Houdini, Maya, and Unity the texture resolution options are:

  • 2k PNG

  • 4k PNG

For Unreal Engine the texture resolution options are (*see note):

  • 2k UAssets

  • 4k UAssets

File Download Options:

  • Files and Textures (Standard Download)

  • Files Only

  • Textures Only

*Note for Unreal Engine Users:

Unreal Engine users who download 3D Files and Textures separately will then need to add those folders back to the standard folder structure after unzipping them:

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