KitBash3D undergoes legal due diligence to determine whether certain designs are protected under US copyright and trademark laws, but does not warrant nor represent that all designs in all 3D Model Kits are free to use as a focal point of any media or footage. Meaning that all uses of our 3D Model Kits are intended for use in background or as parts of a composition, or with modifications made by yourself, rather than as 'hero' assets.

Additionally, KitBash3D does not undergo legal due diligence in other legal systems outside of the United States and cannot represent nor warrant that said 3D Model Kits are compliant and free from infringement, licensing, or permission issues in such other legal systems or under the laws of a foreign jurisdiction. For the sake of clarity, it should be understood by you that third party rights may exist and/or attach to various assets within the 3D Model Kits and as such you, in purchasing this kit, assume the risk of using this 3D Model Kit and agree to hold KitBash3D harmless for any such liability that may arise.

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