It is time for another #kb3dcontest: Get your creative engines ready, the new Utopia contest starts right now!

Contests are an excellent way to get involved with our community. Even if you don't win, you will not only get exposure to potential employers, but to other artists with similar goals and passions. At the very least, it will be great motivation to fight that artist's block you've been battling with, so get creating!

To enter, post your artwork using the full or sample Utopia kit in our Facebook group or on Instagram with the hashtag: #kb3dcontest. Select entries will be featured in our newsletter, across our social platforms, and our livestream show every Tuesday at 10am PST at

Now For The Rules of Engagement...

1) The image must contain Utopia and can contain up to 2 other kits as long as Utopia is 75% or more of kits used in image
2) You can submit multiple entries, but are only eligible for 1 prize
3) You are allowed to use characters and objects
4) It can be any type of image, no style, design or theme requirements
5) Deadline: January 18th, 2019
6) Have fun and share your work no matter what!


1st place winner will receive 3 KB3D Kits of their choice, plus a top secret new kit!
2nd & 3rd place will receive a free kit of their choice, plus a different top secret new kit!
Top 7 finalists will each receive a free kit!

Contest Winners

With over 175 entries from over 35 countries, this contest was by far the most competitive and compelling to date. The KitBash3d team thanks every single artist who participated in the contest and elevated its caliber. It was certainly no fun, however, having to choose only 10 winners from such a talented and inspiring group. Alas, much like the Powerball jackpot and Mother Nature, we had to eventually determine winners:



Environment Artist in London

In his piece titled "Sewers" Barthelemy's epic composition evoked the staggering solitude of a lone fisherman living amidst a timeless class struggle.

Barthelemy's ArtStation



Freelance Concept Artist & Illustrator in Poland

In his piece "Utopia76" Wojtek engineered the pieces of Utopia to form an imposing spaceship juxtaposed with the fiery cosmic rays of an unforgiving universe. 

Wojtek's ArtStation


Ronan Le Fur

Freelance Concept Artist & Illustrator in France

Previous Warzone #kb3dcontest winner Ronan aka DOFRESH illustrates with titanic scale the potentially doomed arctic expedition of humans facing an otherworldly adversary.

Ronan's ArtStation 

"It's been real fun, as always, and I'm just floored by the amazing content I've seen the rest of you put out. Truly amazing and like last time, I do not envy the judges and the job they have ahead of them."-- Stig Fostervold, Contestant speaking to the KB3D community

We received a record number of videos this contest, so we created a separate video award to highlight the artists who went above and beyond in their creation. Mike Johnson, Lead Generalist and Matte Painter at Blur Studio, created 2 stunning cinematics as well as a concept piece, earning him this contest's well deserved In-Motion Award. As a result, we have to decided to have a completely separate video category for our next competition!

Our Finalists...

4. Edit Ballai - 2D/3D Artist / Concept Designer in the Netherlands. Edit's ArtStation

5. Irena Smitakova - 3D Digital Matte Painter at Moving Picture Company in London. Irena's ArtStation

6. Mitchell Stuart - Lead Concept Artist / DMP / Freelance / ARTIFEX Studios in Canada. Mitchell's ArtStation

7. Jean-Marc EMY - Architect / Graphic artist / Architectural visualization in France. Jean-Marc's ArtStation

8. Benjamin Morse - Comic artist. Benjamin's Website

9. Tarmo Juhola - Concept artist, illustrator, architect in Finland. Tarmo's ArtStation

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