With our 4.0 Update, our Kits natively support the following software and render engines*:

  • 3ds Max (Native**, Octane, Redshift, and VRay)

  • Blender (Native)

  • Cinema 4D (Native, Octane, VRay)

  • FBX + OBJ

  • Houdini (Native)

  • Maya (Native, Octane, Redshift, and VRay)

  • Unity (HDRP, Native)

  • Unreal (Native)

If your software of choice is not supported, you can always download the FBX or OBJ files.

If you are using one of these softwares but a different render engine, all of our kits come with PBR texture maps that can be used to create shaders in your render engine of choice.

**Note that Native refers to the default render engine in each 3D software.

Additionally, please note our DMZ kit is available in all of our 4.0 formats plus it is our only kit that currently supports the new formats below:

  • Cinema4D + Redshift

  • 3DSMax + Arnold

  • Maya + Arnold

  • Improvements to the way we deliver files for Unreal and Unity

  • The texture folder is now renamed to 4K throughout all DCCs

Find out more in our DMZ help article.

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